Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Products and Services
The Antwi Group services include, but are not limited to web site development, hosting, e-commerce and online marketing services. This document is a general overview of what products and services are protected under The Antwi Group Terms and Conditions of Sale. Each service and product may have a separate governing contract. Should you have any questions, you may refer to your contract or contact us at hello@artful4.com.

2. Terms and Conditions
It is imperative that you, the customer, read these Terms and Conditions of Sale very carefully. Sale Terms and Conditions are limited to those contained in this statement. Should the customer convey any additional or different Terms in forms will be considered an adaption of the original material and will be given notice of objection and/or rejection.

When you accept the delivery of any services and products that are professed in The Antwi Group invoices or all other vouchers or documentation, the customer accepts these Terms and Conditions and is bound to this agreement of sale unless The Antwi Group and the said customer have authorized and signed a separate document stating otherwise.

2.1 Important Information about These Terms and Conditions of Sale
A binding contract between the customer and The Antwi Group is realized through these Terms and Conditions of Sale. When shopping, placing an order and making a purchase on any of The Antwi Group Websites, the customer accepts these Terms and Conditions of Sale.
The Antwi Group reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Sale without prior notice. The Terms and Conditions of Sale that are posted on The Antwi Group Site at the time the customer first changes or places and order are the Terms that will manage the order in question.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale make up the full agreement between the customer and The Antwi Group pertaining to the Terms and Conditions of the products and services for Sale on the Site. The customer agrees to receive electronic records, which may be obtained via a Web browser or e-mail application connected to the Internet.

The customer may only issue a purchase order for administrative purpose. Additional or altered terms and conditions included in any such purchase order will then be null and void. The terms and conditions of sale contained here, in The Antwi Group invoice or any other documentation will be that which governs, and the customer must agree to this. Prior business between the parties and usage of trade will not be relevant in determining the meaning of these terms and conditions of sale, purchase order or invoice related thereto.

3. Refund Policy
3.1 Services
The Antwi Group does not offer refunds for completed work or services rendered unless stated otherwise in the governing contract(s).

3.2 Software
The Antwi Group does not offer unconditional refunds for downloadable software purchases.
If the software does not perform on the customers’ server according to the product specifications, and our support department is unable to fix the problem, then the customer must return the software within a 30 day grace period, in order to qualify for a refund. In order to receive a refund of an electronically downloaded product, the customer must request and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) from the support department before a refund can be issued.

4. Governing Law
The Laws of the State of New York will govern these Terms and Conditions of Sale and any Sale dealing with The Antwi Group and the customer without witness to conflicts of Laws or Rules.
Any arbitration, application of an arbitration or litigation will be rendered in New York City.

The customer consents to the jurisdiction of the Federal and State Courts located in New York City and submits to the jurisdiction there of and dismisses the right to change venue.
The customer also consents to the application of personal jurisdiction by any such court with respect to any such proceeding.

5. Export Sales
Should a transaction involve an export under the Export Administration Regulations, the commodities, technology and/or software sold or distributed under these Terms and Conditions of Sale exported from the United States by The Antwi Group were exported in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion, use, export or re-export contrary to United States law is prohibited.

6. Internet Disclaimer
Your connection to the internet requires access services from your local internet provider. Please contact your local provider for details, and if you have any questions regarding your connectivity.

7. Limitation of Liability
Neither The Antwi Group nor its associates will be liable for lost profits, theft or business, personal or billing information that is submitted through the site, or other considerable, special, direct or indirect damages, even if advised of the possible occurrence of such damages, or for any claim by any third party.

Neither The Antwi Group nor its associates will be held liable for products that are not available for use or for lost, damaged or corrupted data or software of the performance of services by third parties.

The customer consents that neither The Antwi Group or its associates are liable or responsible for any amount of damages above the dollar amount paid by the customer for the product(s) or service(s) that commences their claim.

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